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(7 May 98) To support the ever-increasing success of our 900+ merchants, we upgraded the network connection to our main server campus to a T3 running at 6 megabits per second.

(20 Apr 98) If you have registered domain names, you can have these used to submit pages of your site to search engines instead of the default URL. Specify which domain name to use under the Search Engines menu item in the Manager.

(30 Mar 98) Upgrade to Cybercash 2.1.4, which may solve some problems with batch submission failures.

(29 Jan 98) MSIE 4.0 users can now download orders as PDF files and export to databases.

(4 Dec 97) You can now specify which search engines your site is submitted to, and how much of your site is submitted. Click Search Engines under the Promote menu. There are also handy links to check where your site is listed in each search engine.

(4 Dec 97) You can now specify what validity checks are to be made for user-defined payment methods. If you have an in-house credit card, for instance, you can specify whether the expiry date and checksum are validated when customers place orders.

(27 Nov 97) You can now use UPS shipping tables to calculate shipping charges. [documentation]

(23 Nov 97) You can now control the list of countries available in the order form. Under Shipping Methods, click "List of Countries".

(23 Nov 97) Based on the Viaweb 4.0 basket scripting system, Viaweb can now provide more custom functionality for your order basket on a consulting basis. If you need to control which items can go together, or make customers order certain items in conjunction with others, or need more sophisticated quantity pricing, we can implement it for you. Contact

(19 Nov 97) Interested in increasing your store's visibility? Now, you can list your store in's "Catalog Connection" at $100 off their regular setup fee. attracts 75,000 U.S. visitors daily, and includes such well-known merchants as Eddie Bauer, Spiegel, and PC Connection. For more information, visit, or call Lisa Flicop at 617-237-1166. Be sure to mention Viaweb to get your $100 discount!

(17 Nov 97) (press release)
  • Link Tracker: You can set up unique links for each referring site, and you and the referring site can see the sales from each link. In the manager, click on "Create Links" under "Promote".

  • Repeat Customer Detector: You can track repeat customers without making them register. This works for past orders as well. In the manager, click on "Repeats" under "Statistics".

  • Customer Registration: Encourage repeat visits by enabling your customers to save their shipping and billing information, plus multiple shopping baskets. In the manager, click on "Registration" under "Site Settings".

  • Cross-selling: Viaweb's ordering system can generate additional sales by suggesting related products when a customer places an order. On the variables page, enter the names of one or more product families in the "Families" field. Each item can then be assigned a family by editing the item's page. Once the site is published, any shopping cart that contains one item in a family will show links to the item pages of the other items in the same family.

  • Monograms and inscriptions: Allow 3-letter monogramming or longer inscriptions on items. To allow a monogram for an item, put the word Monogram on a line by itself into the "options" field when editing the item's page. To allow an inscription, use a line of the form

    "Name on lapel (24 letters max.)" Inscription 24

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