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Free service solves problem for holiday shoppers: finding products

Cambridge, Mass - December 1, 1997 - Viaweb Inc, the leading supplier of online store software, today announced Shopfind (, a free search engine for online shopping. Unlike shopping "agents", Shopfind doesn't have to be downloaded, and returns search results immediately. Released just in time for the busy holiday season, it will solve what many experts believe is the biggest problem for online commerce: finding products online.

"Until now it has been hard to find products online," said Viaweb president Paul Graham. "Go to a search engine and search for chocolate, and you get thousands of recipe pages. That's not much use if you're trying to buy chocolate. Shopfind will find you only the pages where chocolate products are for sale."

Shopfind's unique techology enables it to find the needles for sale in the haystack of information on the Internet. Its search is more focused than a regular search engine, because it is designed to find only pages with products for sale. It also has a broader reach than a regular search engine, because it can search sites that are generated on the fly. This is critical for shoppers, because many big shopping sites, including Wal-Mart and Spiegel, are generated on the fly.

Viaweb is offering Shopfind as a free service to make Internet shopping easier. As the developer of Viaweb Store, the most popular online store software, Viaweb wants to do anything it can to help online shopping grow to its full potential.

"If we can make online shopping easier," Graham said, "then Internet commerce will grow faster. And as one of the leaders in e-commerce software, Viaweb will benefit from that growth, along with merchants and consumers."

Viaweb, of Cambridge, Mass., is the leading developer of Web-based authoring tools. Viaweb Store, which has won both industry-wide comparisons of of e-commerce software to date (ZD Internet 7/97, and PC Magazine 11/97), lets any user make an online store in minutes through an ordinary browser. Over 430 companies have built stores with Viaweb Store, including Tweeds, Rolling Stone magazine, Frederick's of Hollywood, and the NASCAR catalog. Viaweb's Viamall ( is the busiest Web mall, with over 7.8 million page views per month. For more information, visit Viaweb at or call 1-888-4-VIAWEB.

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