Design Partners

Are you a Web designer? Would you like to be able to create high-quality, secure online stores for your clients? Then Viaweb Store is the perfect solution for you.

With Viaweb, you don't have to maintain servers, install software, or write CGI scripts. You get to concentrate on design. Using our award-winning software, you can create top-quality online stores like these: without any programming. Viaweb is so fast that you will often be able to create a demo site for a client in under an hour.

You may be eligible for the new Viaweb Design Partners program. There is no cost to join, and if you are accepted as an official Viaweb Design Partner:
  • You'll be listed in our upcoming directory of Viaweb-approved Web designers. We'll include links to examples of your work, and contact information so that clients can reach you.

  • You'll receive the first month's billings from every new site you build with Viaweb, on top of whatever you bill clients for your services.
If you're interested in joining the Design Partners program, send mail to with your contact information and the URL of a site you've designed for a client, and we will get right back to you.

Nothing helps to convince a client like a real, live prototype of the site. So if you ever need an additional account to make a demo for a prospective client, all you have to do is ask. It costs nothing till your client says yes.

Our software makes it so fast to create sites that you may well get them to say yes the very next day. Most of your clients have read that it takes weeks to make even a simple online store. It used to, before tools like Viaweb existed. With Viaweb, you can create a great-looking demo site in one evening, and show it to the client the next morning.

If your client wants you to add online ordering to an existing site, Viaweb is the best way to do it. Just make them a store with Viaweb, and link the two sites together.

Many of our users do this, and it works perfectly. For example, Frederick's's main site is on another server, but the "Shop Online" button points to a store made with Viaweb.

Designers often ask us if they can use Viaweb to create their own online mall, separate from Viamall. This is not only possible, but quite easy.

  1. All you need is one Viaweb account for your mall, and one for each of the stores you want to put in it.

  2. We can make point directly to the front page of your mall, bypassing the Viamall page.

  3. By changing two variables, you can replace the Viamall logo with a logo of your own choosing that leads back to the front page of your mall (or anywhere else).

  4. Your clients will each be able to retrieve their orders separately, or you can retrieve them and pass them on.

Viaweb is not just easy to use. Underneath, it is one of the the most powerful programmable Web authoring tools available.

Everything that appears on the page, both text and images, is defined by templates written in a scripting language called RTML. The built-in templates are so flexible that very few users actually need to use RTML. But if you are an experienced programmer who wants to create completely custom sites for your clients, you will have a powerful tool to help you.

If you define your own templates using our online template editor, you can make sites that look however you want. And the predefined templates are freely available online, so you can get started by copying and modifying them.

RTML makes Viaweb a programmable platform for whatever you want to build. Designers who have tried it are amazed at how powerful RTML is. For an example of RTML in action, see Delaconcha.

Our aim is simply to make the best tool for making online stores: software easy enough that merchants can make acceptable sites themselves, yet powerful enough that experienced Web designers can make really great sites for them. Our users range from individual entrepreneurs to catalog giants like Hanover Direct.

If you're a Web designer and have questions about Viaweb or are interested our Design Partners program, we'd like to hear from you.

Sales: 1-888-4-VIAWEB or
Support: 1-617-876-9678 or