Viaweb users pay a flat rate depending on the size of the site. There is no per-transaction fee, no startup cost, and no minimum time commitment.

  • Small Store$100/month

    For $100/month you can have up to 50 items for sale (plus as many additional information pages as you want). You can upgrade to a large store at any time.

  • Large Store$300/month

    For $300/month you can have a store with up to 1000 items.

  • Larger Stores

    Larger stores cost $300/month for the first 1000 items, plus $100/month for each additional 1000 items. So a 5000-item store would cost $700/month.

  • Cybercash Setup

    If you want to have credit card orders processed in real-time through Cybercash, we can set it up for you, for a one-time fee of $500. (Note: Most merchants don't need this. You probably only need real-time authorizations if you are selling downloadable products, like software.)

  • Advertising

    Would you like to have an item from your store featured at the top of Viamall? Call us at (617) 876-2692 for a quote.

"The public should always be wondering how it is possible to give so much for the money."

- Henry Ford

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Support: 1-617-876-9678 or