Anyone who has tried our free test drive knows that Viaweb lets you build a working online store in under 10 minutes.

Beneath that friendly interface is the most powerful online store software available. That's why Viaweb is the choice of some of the biggest names in marketing.

All the magazines agree that Viaweb is the easiest way to make an online store. What makes Viaweb so easy? Something that no other online store software has: remote WYSIWYG authoring (patent pending).

  • Remote means that Viaweb works over the Web. You don't have to download or install any software to use Viaweb. You build your site through an ordinary browser.

  • WYSIWYG means "what you see is what you get." While you're editing your site, it looks just like it will when consumers see it.
Together, these two features make Viaweb by far the easiest way to create an online store. You simply have an editable Web site.

Viaweb has the most complete tracking tools of any online store system. You can see where visitors came from and how much money visitors from each source spent. We can even show what they were searching for in search engines, and how much people searching for each phrase spent.

You can also see statistics including page views, visits, sales volume, and conversion rate, for any time period, in graphs generated on the fly.

Viaweb has the best tools in the industry to draw traffic to your site:

  • Submitter. Viaweb automatically submits your site to every major search engine: not just your front page, but every page.

  • Link tracker. Industry giants like Amazon generate sales by giving a cut to sites that send them traffic. With Viaweb's link tracker, you can do the same.

  • Mailing list manager. You can set up multiple independent mailing lists that your customers can subscribe to online.

  • Meta tags. Viaweb puts meta tags in every page. All you have to do is enter the keywords you want to associate with each page.
Competition for traffic is fierce. Viaweb's powerful promotion tools give you the edge.

Most other online store systems generate pages "dynamically", as the user views them. Dynamically generated Web pages are ignored by search engines. This is a disaster for an online store, where sales are proportional to traffic.

Viaweb generates true, static pages. That, combined with our submitter and support for meta tags, means that Viaweb sites get maximum traffic from search engines.

Everyone knows Viaweb is easy. It also generates great looking sites. See for yourself at Tweeds or Rolling Stone.

Web pages are a mix of HTML and images. All Web authoring tools generate HTML, but Viaweb is the only online store software that generates the images as well.

Images are the key to a professional looking, branded Web site. Web pages are just text and images, and everyone's text looks the same, so the appearance of a Web site depends almost entirely on images.

In addition to product images, a top-quality site needs three other types of images: button bars for navigation (like the one at the top of this page), thumbnail versions of product images for use on section pages, and display text (like "Best Looking Sites" above). Viaweb makes all these images for you, automatically!

The best online stores give each visitor a "shopping basket" that keeps track of what he or she orders. Our shopping basket system is the most sophisticated available:
  • It lets items have any properties you want, not just sizes and colors.

  • It has built-in support for monograms and inscriptions.

  • It supports both sale pricing and quantity discounts, and will recalculate unit price and subtotal on the fly as quantities change.

  • It supports cross-selling: when a customer orders one item, the ordering system can suggest related items they might want to buy as well.
Viaweb's ordering system also supports automatic tax and shipping calculation, and real-time credit card authorizations.

Your store will be listed in Viamall, the most visited mall on the Web. Viamall is currently getting over 9.9 million page views per month, and grossing over $3.2 million per month.

Our easy domain name wizard lets you reserve your own domain name ( and automatically makes that address lead to your site.

If you need to create a site with many thousands of items, you need an industrial-strength tool like Viaweb:
  • No limit on depth. A very large site may have to be several levels deep. Many other tools limit the depth to which you can "nest" sections within sections. In Viaweb there is no limit.

  • Automatic thumbnail images. A professional online store has smaller "thumbnail" images, in addition to full-sized product image. In a site with thousands of items, you don't want to make thumbnails for each by hand. Viaweb is the only online store tool that makes thumbnails for you.

  • Control over position. Marketers know the order of products on the page is critical. Some online store tools require you to enter a position number for each item, making pages with more than a couple items impossible to maintain. Viaweb lets you move an item just by clicking on it.

  • High throughput. High order volumes are no problem. Viaweb can handle over 5000 completed orders per hour, and its database export feature lets you pull orders into your database or spreadsheet with one click.
Only Viaweb has the scalability you need to manage very large, high-traffic sites.

Because it runs on the server, you can use Viaweb from any browser. You can work on your site from your office, your home, a hotel, anywhere. You'll be amazed how convenient it is not to be tied down to a specific computer.

You can even have several people working on a site at the same time, from anywhere in the world, and Viaweb will ensure their edits don't conflict. No desktop software could do that.

As well as creating your site interactively, you can build it by uploading a database file of all your items. Many users take advantage of this feature. The largest site currently has over 18,000 items.

If you get a large volume of orders, you can also retrieve your orders from the server in database files. In fact, if you have a Excel on your desktop, you can start it up, already loaded with your data, with a single click.

You can customize your store extensively just by changing the settings, but for experienced programmers who want more control, Viaweb includes a powerful scripting language called RTML for defining page templates.

In Viaweb, a template means more than just an HTML skeleton for a page: RTML is a superset of HTML that also includes programming language features and operators for generating images.

By defining their own templates with Viaweb's online editor, advanced users have total control over the look and structure of their sites. So Web designers can use Viaweb as a platform to develop customized sites for clients.

Most of our users chose Viaweb because it's so easy. When you combine ease of use with industry-leading tracking tools and the ability to create top-quality sites, it is an irresistible package.

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