Viaweb was founded in 1995 to bring to market a new kind of software for building online stores. Our product, Viaweb Store, is the first true end-user system for selling on the Web. It is now the most popular online store software, used in over 1050 sites.

What makes Viaweb different is that our software works over the Web. Merchants build and maintain their store on a central server, using an ordinary browser as the interface. Merchants log into the server to retrieve orders over a secure connection, and have access to a powerful array of traffic analysis tools.

For merchants, our technology means a quantum leap in ease of use. The merchant does not have to set up a server, or even install any software, to run an online store. A user with no previous experience can create a working online store in a matter of minutes.

Since its release, Viaweb Store has won praise from industry experts and users alike. In fact, it has won both industry-wide comparisons of online commerce software so far.

Viaweb users include Tweeds, Rolling Stone magazine, Frederick's of Hollywood, the Museum Company, International Male, and Dean & DeLuca.

Paul Graham ( is President. Paul is the author of On Lisp (Prentice Hall, 1993) and ANSI Common Lisp (Prentice Hall, 1995), now the standard college text. He has worked as a consultant to the US Department of Energy, DuPont (for whom he wrote one of the first parametric CAD programs), and Interleaf. He has an AB from Cornell and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

Fred Egan ( is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Before joining Viaweb, Fred was a regional Vice President with Interleaf Inc, President of Interleaf Japan, and sat on the boards of several Interleaf subsidiaries. During Interleaf's startup period he had responsibility for all major corporate partnerships and strategic resellers in the US and Europe. Prior to Interleaf, Fred was a Regional Manager for Wang. He has a BS from Northeastern, and an MBA from Suffolk University.

Langley Steinert ( is Vice President of Marketing. Before joining Viaweb, Langley was Vice President and General Manager of Papyrus Inc., a $29 million subsidiary of Sierra On-Line. Under his leadership, Papyrus developed and shipped four new products, including NASCAR Racing, one of the best-selling entertainment software titles of 1996. Prior to Papyrus, Langley was Director of Marketing at Jetform Corporation and the Product Manager for Freelance at Lotus. He has a BA from Georgetown and an MBA from Dartmouth.

Mark Nitzberg ( is Vice President of Customer Services. Mark has worked 15 years as a consultant to Microsoft, Matra Communications, Bull, Interleaf, and Corbis. An expert in machine vision and image processing, Mark is co-author of Filtering, Segmentation, and Depth (Springer, 1993), which describes his research. He has a BA in Math from the University of Oregon, and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

David Parker ( is General Manager, New Media Group and program manager for Revenue Loop. Before joining Viaweb, David was Vice President of Marketing for Delphi Internet. Prior to Delphi, he was a Vice President at Community Newspaper Company. He has also worked for International Data Group, Time Magazine, and Capital Cities/ABC. He has an AB from Harvard, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Harris Fishman ( is Chief Financial Officer. Hutch has served as a part-time CFO to emerging businesses since 1986. He has taken a number of startups through IPOs, including VideoServer, which completed an IPO led by Goldman Sachs in 1995. He previously had been a senior manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP. He is a member of the Massachusetts Society and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and has a BS from Bryant College.

Julian Weber ( is Secretary and General Counsel. Julian has been practicing law in New York for over 30 years. From 1964 to 1979 he was a partner in the firm of Botein, Hays, and Sklar. From 1979 to 1984 he was President of The National Lampoon. He holds a JD from Harvard Law School.

Trevor Blackwell ( is responsible for Viaweb's tracking tools and image generation software. An expert in system and network design, Trevor has published papers on congestion control in high speed wide area networks, signalling protocol architecture, and file system performance. He is also the author of several notable Web sites, including the Information Supercollider, which won Cool Site of the Day in March 1995. He has a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton, and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

John McArtyem ( is in charge of Viaweb's ordering system, hardware and security. An expert on computer networks, he has published papers on high-speed networks, wireless communications, and computer security. He has worked for Convex Computers, Thinking Machines, and DEC Systems Research Center. He has an AB in Computer Science from Harvard, and is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science there.

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