What They Say about Us

"The opportunity is unparalleled."


"This is the new model."

– Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Management, Google

"Tech incubators are hot these days. Y Combinator is the most successful of the new breed."


"With us and many other angel groups, Y Combinator startups get moved to the top of the list automatically."

– Ron Conway, Silicon Valley's most prominent angel investor

"Y Combinator is a big change from the way business is usually done in tech circles."

USA Today

"We love YC!"

– Fred Wilson, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures

"Seed funding from Y Combinator is a seal of approval to us. Paul, Trevor, Jessica, and Robert are remarkably good at helping smart young people develop their cool ideas into businesses. They understand what it takes to make a startup successful."

– Stan Reiss, Partner, Matrix Ventures

"I love everything about Y Combinator. It captures the essence of Silicon Valley."

– Michael Arrington, Editor, TechCrunch

"Y Combinator has done a remarkable job of attracting a first rate flock of smart young entrepreneurs by providing seed funding for a bunch of new startups."

– Joel Spolsky, Founder, Fog Creek Software

"Y Combinator gets it. When talented people are allowed to focus on their core competency without distraction, cool things happen."

– Chris Sacca, Free Radical

"Y Combinator seems to attract the very best young entrepreneurs and helps them organize their business ideas and present them to investors. They are fun to work with."

– Bill Kaiser, Partner, Greylock

"I am impressed with what Y Combinator has created. There is a buzz and energy and a true feeling of authentic warmth and caring that is rare."

– Page Mailliard, Partner, Wilson Sonsini

"Y Combinator really understands what a company needs in its first three months."

– Sam Altman, Founder, Loopt

"Y Combinator is all about bringing great ideas to the forefront, and doing so in a way that helps build real companies. We are thrilled to work on projects with them."

– George Zachary, Partner, Charles River Ventures

"When I first heard about Y Combinator, it was one of those ideas that just seemed forehead-slappingly obvious. Good ideas often do, in retrospect."

– Mark Fletcher, Founder, Bloglines

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